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StoreWest Developments

Integrity Meets Commitment

StoreWest Developments
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StoreWest Developments Inc.

Founded in 2016, StoreWest’s original mandate was the greenfield development of self-storage facilities.  Starting with our Chestermere project, our vision was to focus on the development of Class ‘A’ storage facilities fit for the 21st century. With our Dufferin project (2017) we also branched out into developing state-of-the-art carwash facilities with a focus on express tunnels. In 2020 we partnered with Bluebird Storage to start acquiring storage facilities to complement our growing portfolio. Today, StoreWest remains focused on the investment in and development of storage and carwash facilities across Canada.

StoreWest Bluebird Partners Ltd.

StoreWest Bluebird Partners
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Starting in 2022, we entered into a partnership between StoreWest Developments and Bluebird Core Partners on all storage development and acquisition across Canada under the Bluebird Storage brand.  Through this combination of personnel, pipeline, knowledge, and experience, we believe we have created one of the strongest storage development teams in Canada. Our focus is on building highly amentized lifestyle storage located close to commercial, retail and residential development. Combined with Bluebird’s excellent branding and leading-edge management team, SWBBP represents the future of storage in Canada. Collectively, StoreWest and Bluebird also form the Asset Manager for the newly launched ICM Bluebird Canadian Self-Storage Fund. 

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The ICM Bluebird Canadian Self Storage Fund

ICM Bluebird Self Storage Fund

ICM Bluebird Canadian Self Storage Fund is acquiring and consolidating a portfolio of primarily Class A and best-in-market self-storage facilities in major metropolitan areas across Canada. The Key Ingredients are all present in the Fund: Bluebird is a Proven Operator; the Development Team has an extensive Opportunity Pipeline; there are Multiple Sources of Investment Return in an Institutional Grade and growing portfolio comprised of Class A facilities providing strong FFO growth.

Please visit the ICM Asset Management website for more information.



Meckelborg Financial Group (MFG)

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MFG is Saskatchewan’s largest boutique financial firm, bridging the gap between investors and the best investment strategies available across Canada and North America. MFG is a valued Partner to StoreWest, and has taken an investment position in every project StoreWest has ever undertaken. 


Please visit the MFG website for more information.

ICM Asset Management

ICM Asset Management is a leading alternative investment company founded in 2003 to preserve and grow the wealth of retail, private client and institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolios through alternative investment strategies. ICM manages more than $2.0 billion of assets and offer investment opportunities focused on real estate, private equity / venture capital, and alternative income strategies

Please visit the ICM Asset Management website for more information.


StoreWest is committed to developing class ‘A’ facilities across Canada. From initial site evaluations and market strength feasibility, to project completion and operations preparation, StoreWest handles all phases of the development process.

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