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4NYX-Blvd Metro Architecture.png
Bluebird Storage - Boulevard Métropolitain

This Bluebird Self Storage location will be prominently located on the North side of Montréal’s dense urban core. Bluebird will enjoy tremendous exposure to the TransCanada Highway and serve the needs of this sub-market that is uniquely under-served with any Class ‘A’, climate-controlled self-storage options. 

The site is exposed to heavy traffic volumes traveling in and out of the CBD and is situated amongst a large variety of other retail uses. Nearby retailers include Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, and many others. Directly behind the retail uses along this corridor are some of the city’s most densely populated residential areas, with almost 500,000 residents residing within only a 5-kilometre radius. Residential intensification continues at a rapid pace here and leads into the urban core. 

This mature sub-market currently has zero Class ‘A’ operators, and the local region will continue to intensify as Bluebird secures and builds a flagship facility among a wide variety of retail concepts along this important transportation and commercial corridor. The opportunity is uniquely compelling in light of the substandard competition and strong rental rates in the heart of the island of Montréal.

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