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Leading self-service and express car washes in Alberta

As car wash developers/owners and opera­tors, we recognized a large gap in the West­ern Canadian car wash market in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, and the over­all experience. We analyzed several brand concepts, and after 3 years of planning and research, the “Great White” car wash con­cept was born.

Our brand promise is: We are a company that promises a spot-free, quality car wash, without the huge lineups and in a family-friendly environment. Our technology uses 40% less water than your average roll-over wash, and all of our chemicals, soaps, and agents are bio-degradable and environmental­ly-friendly. Superior chemical sourcing and modern titration technology have allowed Great White to signifi­cantly lower our chemical costs while improving our product offering, to a level we feel is ‘best in class’.

We are also a company that provides an above average experience for not only your car, but also your RV, ATV, commercial vehicle, and everything in between. We offer this experience at an affordable price, with member­ship benefits so that all our customers can clean their ride without limitation.

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Bluebird + Great White Mahogany Aerials(Feb2024)-38.jpg


Calgary SE

Located in the middle of the community of Mahogany, it is our most innovative project to date!

Great White Buffalo Run Fall Photography-8.jpg

Buffalo Run


Part of the largest ever First Nations projects, this a unique merger of car wash and storage that has never been accomplished before.

Great White Car Wash Edmonton January 2023-2.jpg


Edmonton NW

Close to West Edmonton Mall, this location is in one of the most trafficked areas of the city.

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Calgary NE

This 12,000ft² facility hosts our staple express tunnel and self-serve bays right by the YYC airport and Deerfoot City.

Great White Car & Truck Wash Dufferin (Fall 2021)-64.jpg


Calgary SE

Our flagship location with 110ft express tunnel, self serve bays, and commercial truck wash bays

Some of Our Clients

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