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Our Core Values

StoreWest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Statement


We operate our business as a natural extension of the community, and we are proud to build upon the inherently and sustainably low environmental impact of modern, or ‘lifestyle,’ self-storage. We maintain ambient temperatures at moderate levels while ensuring a safe standard for our climate-controlled interior spaces, which operate at well below the consumption needs of traditional retail/ commercial businesses. Along with the use of energy-saving LED fixtures with motion-sensor activation, minimal water usage, and adhering strictly to National Building Code for insulation (R-values), our facilities to a very high degree have minimal client activity and operate on a limited carbon footprint.

StoreWest Development’s Great White Car Wash designs feature water consumption equaling 1/3 of our competitors in most cases, and where possible, our car washes also feature robust water reclamation technology. In 2022, Envirowash Solutions was founded to provide economical, high quality and environmentally-friendly wash chemical solutions to both Great White and 3rd Party wash locations across Western Canada. 

Through the continued use of low-consumption fixtures like LED lighting, efficient HVAC systems, and adhering to our waste management policy, and use of low-water irrigation systems, we will continue to operate at the leading edge of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in the self-storage industry. Our vision is for an increasingly sustainable future for all of our facilities, as witnessed in our current exploration of the viability and suitability of roof-top solar arrays and green roofs among the diverse locations and ecosystems across Canada, in the present and in the future. 

Support Group


We are an equal-opportunity employer, and we hire suitable candidates with no prejudices on gender or race. Our employment culture is one of empowerment in a safe, healthy and diverse workplace that encourages employees to excel in their personal and professional lives, through ongoing training programs, the development of interpersonal skills, and a focus on personal wellness and safety. Externally, every location supports an array of local organizations and charities through sponsorships, as community involvement is a core value of our business. A great example of our commitment to the communities we serve is our ongoing relationship with and support for Shelter Movers.

Shelter Movers is a non-profit organization that provides survivor-centered no cost moving and storage services to women and children who are fleeing violence or abuse. Shelter Movers make moving and storage arrangements on behalf of their clients, so they can live in a safer environment and begin a new chapter in their life. Through our partnership, clients of Shelter Movers can store their possessions at Bluebird facilities. Our team will provide storage units to Shelter Movers across Canada so survivors can house their belongings at absolutely no cost. Rather than worry about their belongings, their clients can instead focus on what matters – transitioning into a new life.


We understand the importance of diversity, equality, and good corporate governance. Our Partnership is committed to corporate transparency and integrity through the deployment of effective management plans, including the following processes and measures:


  • Two-factor Verification of all Banking Transactions; Three-factor Director Verification for EFT Banking Transactions over $1 Million. 

  • Third-party Book-keeping; Monthly Management Review from Third-party CFO Advisory.  

  • Annual Accounting Review from Professional Third-Party Accounting Firm; All Development Projects Expenditures are reviewed and approved by Professionally-designated Quantity Surveyors. 

  • Third-party Operational Management issues monthly outline of all important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

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