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Dear clients and friends of StoreWest,

We are carefully monitoring the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We must take appropriate actions to limit the impact of the virus on our community, particularly by focusing on the safety of our clients, employees and their families.

We have instituted our business continuity plan with a view to proactively anticipate and respond to any potential for business interruption, including restricted business travel, work from home protocols where appropriate, and encouraging the use of video and teleconference for interactions. We are also implementing social distancing measures that will also help reduce the spread of infectious diseases, such as reducing face to face meetings and ensuring our employees can work from home as required so we have a healthy workforce able to maintain our high standard of service. 

We want to ensure that there are no interruptions or delays in contacting any of our StoreWest team members. Please find our mobile numbers below:

  • Roland Schatz     (403) 612-9158

  • Matt Verity        (403) 827-2323

  • Steve Elliott      (587) 700-8408

  • Lauren Hanney (587) 598-7272

  • Scott Morrison (403) 540-5005

  • Layne Gardner (403) 390-4945

We wish you and your families all health and safety throughout the coming week.

StoreWest Developments

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