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StoreWest Developments

Integrity Meets Commitment


To remain disruptive as a premier developer of storage facilities, car and truck washes and other complimentary cash flowing businesses.


To provide integrity, passion and operational excellence in both developing and operating our properties.


As specialists in development, the StoreWest team understands the complexities of bringing a conceptual project to completion.  From breaking ground to the grand opening, through stabilization, to the project’s eventual exit, StoreWest is involved in every aspect of each development.

We excel at gaining use approvals from local government agencies and creating design concepts that are architecturally pleasing, yet cost effective and functional from the customer’s perspective.

Our strong relationships with industry consultants, lenders, and building contractors allow us to expedite development procedures, save project time and money, and accurately assess the economic viability of any new development.

From initial site evaluations and market feasibility, to project completion and operational preparation, StoreWest is poised to handle all phases of the development process within the Self Storage and Car Wash industries.


The self storage industry is highly fragmented, with the top 7 publicly traded companies owning approximately 14% of the total market. With no public or private groups currently targeting the Canadian market there is even more opportunity within the car wash industry for consolidation. This fragmentation provides an opportunity for our well-funded entrepreneurial firm to grow by seeking out acquisition candidates within specific markets.

By seeking high quality properties with potential for expansion, economic growth, and capital appreciation, StoreWest’s acquisition strategy to add assets in the larger metro markets in multiple locations within a few years’ timeframe, allowing us to take advantage of economies of scale that can be achieved by bundling assets.


StoreWest is committed to developing class ‘A’ facilities across Canada. From initial site evaluations and market strength feasibility, to project completion and operations preparation, StoreWest handles all phases of the development process.

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