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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

Investing in Self-Storage

Self-Storage shares the same attractive qualities as residential Real Estate apartment rentals, retail strip centers, office buildings, and industrial properties. These include leverage (borrowed money), tax advantages, passive income, personal control, and appreciation.  However, Self-Storage offers a number of benefits that make it a superior investment. These include the following:



We are becoming a more transient society, moving around more and creating a greater need to store our stuff, thus the demand for Self Storage is increasing.

Personal Possessions

Canadians tend to accumulate a great deal of possessions, and we don’t want to “weed out” those things we don’t use, are sentimental about, or have nostalgic value, which in turn, creates more demand.

Recreation Vehicles

Most new communities will not allow us to store our boats, jet skis, RV’s, or even multiple cars on the street or in front of our homes.


Many retirees downsize their homes, requiring additional storage space that their smaller homes don’t provide.

Small Businesses

Many businesses will downsize and operate out of smaller offices, necessitating a need for storage space. As well as many small distributors will utilize Self Storage to operate their businesses from.

Development Costs

Self-Storage facility development costs are often 30% - 50% less than office, retail, and apartment buildings.

Operating Costs

Lower Operating costs for Self-Storage facilities are substantially less and as a result, owners are more isolated from large increases in utility and other variable costs that occur in the open market.

Unit Occupancy

Occupancy is generally more stable, and therefore predictable, as there are typically a greater number of units in which to “spread the risk” than in other forms of Real Estate.


Lease Agreements

Month-to-month leases mean that rental rates can be adjusted easily. When occupancy increases, we adjust rates to compensate for the demand.


Demand for Self-Storage is not dependent upon the economy.  When the economy is good, people buy more and store more.  When the economy slows, people downsize, and require a cheaper alternative to store their extra belongings.